My flock after finding out how bad I am with chicken math

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    Aug 21, 2016
    Hello, this is my current and first flock. I first started with chickens 2 years ago. I had bought a pair of chicks that I got at a flea market that were sick. One died the same day and I bought a RIR and Cornish the next day to keep the other from being lonely. That night the other original had died, but my RIR and Cornish survived. They both ended up being roosters and I gave the Cornish away, but kept the RIR I named Chavez. He's my first baby and knows it. The next year I raised 1 BR by hand named Braile and bought another at 5 weeks named Dusty. Along with Braile I raised a white/gold Serama named Goldie. I bought her a rooster when she was 10 weeks, whom I named Rey, and came along with my Japanese Mini. This spring a few weeks before Easter a lone white chick we named Wilson was dropped off at my doorstep by a concerned neighbor who found him and a dead sibling in a box after rain. I took him in and took that opportunity to buy 4 more chicks thinking I was going to lose a few as I had lost at least 1 every time before I tried raising chicks. But this time my experience has helped and all of them thrived. I believed that Wilson was at least a week old as he had long feathers already. I bought a 18 day old BO we named Flora, a RIR named Red, and 2 SLW named Kintsugi and Badger. I believe the SLW are a pair as only 1 at 4 weeks has started getting bumps on the comb. I had my suspicions from the start that Red was a boy based on how he carried himself and has all but been confirmed by his comb at 4 weeks. Flora at 6 weeks is barely getting some minor comb growth so I'm holding onto the hope that she is a girl. And I don't know what Wilson is, except for the fact that he is a white booted bantam. My Serama Goldie is also on day 14 of brooding 4 eggs. Not counting the eggs I have a small, suburban flock of 11. I just wanted to take this time to show off my wonderful babies.

    My RIR Chavez

    My BR Braile with the mohawk, Dusty happened to be laying an egg at the time
    My black Japanese Bantam Mini and Serama rooster Rey
    My new chicks RIR named Red that at 4 weeks is showing a prominent comb
    My 6 week old BO Flora, 2 - 4 week SLWs Kintsugi and Badger and my unknown bantam Wilson
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    Thanks for sharing, and good luck. Since I have HRIR I feel your pain on too many cockerels.
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    That is a nice flock! [​IMG] Sounds like you're having a good time raising them! Keep it up! Thanks for sharing.
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    Mar 3, 2015
    Beautiful flock!

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