My flock has e-coli! Help!


8 Years
Feb 22, 2011
Dear all,

It's a bit complicated. I am in the UK but my flock are in Nepal. I run a small charity in Nepal that provides education and care to former child labouers. We run hostel in Nepal for girls.

I have set up a chicken farm out in Nepal -not far from the hostel -where I have invited a some of the parents to help manage it. The aim of the farm is to provide the parents with a decent income and to provide some much needed additional income to the hostel. We have 1000 chickens and we have moved a couple of parents from remote stone quarries for a trial run. The farm is being supervised by a member of staff. The parents have some experience of looking after a few chickens and were given some training from an organisation out there. A lot of work has gone into the preparation.

The chickens are broilers and we have had them for about 28 days now. In that time, 130 chickens have died. There are 15 days until sale and the doctor has given us colistin 4800 for the ecoli.

Its turning into a real disaster as the chickens are dying on a daily basis.

I have advised them to separate the chickens so that any sick chickens can not reach the healthy ones and I have advised them to clean / disinfect the place so that the disease can not spread further.

The doc is visiting tomorrow to assess the situation but it does not look good.

Can any one advise me on what I should do? Not sure if this is clear so happy to answer any questions

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