My flock is dying! Please help!

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  1. CinnamonQueen12

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    Jul 20, 2011
    About a week ago, one of my chickens died from egg yolk peritonitis. The vet also mentioned that she had perisites (didn't spell it right, I know) Now, one of my other chickens is making weird sounds and pasting up like crazy and is all poofed up. And my mom said that she noticed another chicken acting strange. What could be the problem! My entire flock is dropping dead! Could it be perisites?
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    Jul 10, 2011
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    How old are they? Could be many things. Parasites can really be hard on them. Do you worm them at all?
  3. CinnamonQueen12

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    Jul 20, 2011
    They are all roughly about a year old, give or take a few weeks. We were going to worm them once 2 of them had finished their antibiotics for bumblefoot. However, one of the 2 then got sick and died, and we were preoccupied and haven't had a chance.
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    Parasites, worms... mites, etc. Did he (the vet) say which? Worms or mites? If they are a year old and have never been wormed, they need to be wormed.

    Search WORMING WITH VALBAZEN..... I was able to buy just the 12 CCs I needed from an open bottle the guy at the feed store had.... this helped me out a lot. The regular bottle of it, which they did have was $50. and would have expired before I could have ever used it up.

    Look for more recent posts by dawg53 for the best information on worming and worming with Valbazen it kills all types of worms.. there IS egg withdrawal, you can't eat the eggs (or the chickens) with Valbazen in their system. Valbazen will kill all the types of worms, but will not kill mites or lice. You can use Poultry dust in a clean coop and on the chickens (like bath powder, under wings, on vent and just above the tail), and on the roosts, a little in the nesting boxes, etc. You can look for mites when you catch the chickens to worm them, look under their wings and on or around their vents.

    Parasites, ie.: worms can kill your chickens... if they have had them a while and have not been wormed.

    Valbazen... given orally, have to catch one chicken at a time and give it orally... if you have never given oral medication before.. you just have to be careful about the windpipe, it is not really hard, just scary the first time. You need someone to help, it takes two people, one to hold, one to open the beak and give.

    Get the Valbazen and the syringe for giving the meds at your local feed store. Sometimes one feed store does not have what I need and I have to go to another, depends. Might want to call them first ... keep in mind Valbazen is not for chickens, but is used "off label" to worm them...

    I am no expert, please search for more info here on BYC...

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