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Nov 9, 2018
Pacific NW
Hi everyone! I've been keeping chickens for about two years now, and I'm really glad to be able to do so! I live in an urban area which allows chickens and have a lovely private front yard which they can free range in, and I'm able to watch my little chicken zoo from my couch (when I'm not outside with them).

My current flock:
-Opal Delorean of Wyandotte, Protector of the Flock (Silver-laced Wyandotte, alpha chicken and not big on us humans)
-Pizzarella of Wyandotte, Dreadwing Behemoth (Some kind of gold-laced Wyandotte mix, third in pecking order despite being very large and BFFs with Opal)
-Jenny Redbeak the Vigilant, Frizzler of Worlds (a "failed frizzle" bantam Silkie mix who is beautiful and grumpy)
-Queen-Empress Wishes of Suchy ("Wishes", a self-blue OEGB who looks like a dove, makes the strangest sounds, and runs to us like the wind)

In the future I plan to see if anyone has ideas about what mix Pizzarella might be, because she has grey legs and a single comb so she definitely isn't full Wyandotte. She is also HUGE and with an orange bottom to one toe on each foot, I suspect she could have some Jersey Giant in her.

Additional shoutouts to two of my original 3-chicken flock (along with Jenny) who died this year of apparently unrelated infections:
-Largo Stormrock, (former) Dreadwing Behemoth and Protector of the Flock (Barred Rock)
-Laserwolf Withershins the Wily, Smallest of Her Name (much-loved Rosecomb bantam)

I look forward to posting pictures of these major sweeties at a later time. They bring me a great deal of delight and my partner and I love them very much. Our cats, Lucy and Valentine, are completely indifferent.
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Jul 23, 2018
Edgewood, KY

Welcome to BYC! My son and daughter in law just left Seattle in PNW to go back to Chicago. Miss it already. Don’t forget to check out the Learning Center.

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