My flock of Four


10 Years
Jan 17, 2010

These are my two 7 seven year old RIR's. They have been together since day one when they hatched. They have been lover ever since. The hens name is Rosie and the Roosters name is Jack. (hents my display name jackrooster) He dosn't have any toes on one foot because my dog attacked him and bit one of his legs and his toes fell off. But that was when he was 5 and he has been though it. He dont have any problem walking for getting up to the rooster or breding his hen he has accually had many baby since then.


This is my little 7 month old EE her name is Luna. She lay blueish green eggs, she did have 4 other beautiful sister the i had got from cackle hatchery with 15 other chicks and sadly this winter a weasel got in to my coop and kill all my chicken and duck excepted these four.


This is Baby Jack. His father is jack and his mother was a hen that was killed by the weasel she was a half silkie and ether half partidge rock or OEGB? i cant remember. He is a nice little rooster and him and his daddy look very similar.

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