MY FLOCK STORY starts with eggs.

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    SAW a thread called MY CHICKENS o BYC on n my cell internet not sure this is the same one..but here goes...

    Had ticks so bad in spring every year Horrible..One spring was in Family Center when i saw baby chicks! SOOO CUTE!!

    Conversaationwith clerk said they will eat being a city girl living in the country for some years decided to finally take the farm animal plunge for the first time. CHICKENS.
    After they wqent inthe brooder...I Couldnt believe I had CHICKENS!!!

    Long short bought 4 breeds of chicks which i have 2 breeds left now wouldn't part with them for the world

    As chicken math goes I saw some chickens on the net i HAD to have werent available here so bought eggs from Ebay and an incubator
    .So it began.... the Chicken Addiction.
    Now except for the original 6 girls still here And 3 silkie chicks I was given i have hatched out my whole flock 29 chickens 4 breeds variety of colors and not counting the babies 2 broodys hatched this Sept .
    These are my favorites

    M-2 the black mostly English Orpington roo ,
    2 of my original 3 Light Brahmas (my favorite breed and color of all)
    ONe of my original Buff Orpingtons
    My part English splash Orpington top "looker" in front
    Behind them all are 2 of my pure

    Lavender Amercauna roos
    These are Some of the very few chooks I have that arent Orp or Brahma or mixed of those

    .One L Am is called Meanie which tells it all.
    The other no name

    Above is my Light Brahma young cockrel who will service my girls next spring.I love his looks although he to be correct needs more black in his hackles but I like him this way so VERY white!
    Hes Georgie 2 (Georgie 1 died last spring.)

    For some reason I only named the roosters not the hens except for the splash Orp girl who is Dotty.
    This guy below is my lonely sliver Laced Brahma guy. His hatchmates both died and now hes all alone and cant seem to find one close friend in 28 other chickens I am his only friend he thinks
    Follows me all over.
    (Meanie behind him)
    This is one of the few grown offspring from my chickens Hes by M2 the english Orp X a Buff Brahma girl -2 is from a BBS line

    I call these guys from that cross a "Brahmington" LOL My prettiest mixed roos so far.
    Have 2 pullets also but they are still pretty young and so far black with a green sheen. No rust color

    Then there are the youing EEs from Meanie and the Light Brahmas or splash orp girl
    .Some are all silver like the LAms and one is off white with some black spots NO pics of them

    Also have 2 tiny guys 3 weeks old that not sure their color light .....but one looks to be yellow with brown strips? on its wings not sure who that one belongs too. BO broody is raising it.NO pics of them yet either
    ...and more Bramington babies 3 weeks and possibly mixed bramingtons from the older cockrels and my same hens as a few have brown on their wings.

    Lastly......Cant forget the porcelain and splash Silkies No pics yet
    Oh and this is one of 4 of my Silver/Gold laced Brahma roosfrom my hen now deceased.
    I have NO HENS now...Only had a few gold laced pullets hatch sold them and one silver kept her and she died later !.WISH i had a Silver hen!
    So Thats my flock

    All the eggs that hatched out these chickens where shipped eggs. a few were my own eggs ... and 3 silkie local eggs

    This is where my chicken addiction has taken my ...7 tractor coops 29 chickens later ...every things now is about MY Chickens

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    That's a nice flock.
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    Beautiful flock!
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    Wow! Just beautiful! [​IMG] thanks for sharing.

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