My free range hen has laid an odd egg.

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Costa Rica Art, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. One of my hens had laid an egg that is really odd. I've not in my years seen anything like it. All of our hens have the run of the yard during the day. There is lots of room in the coop and plenty of places to perch. I have read several articles about what might be the cause but none of the hens show any of the symptoms so I am totally at a loss. There is always good feed, lots of scratch, every day I toss out a chopped head of lettuce. There are no animals that chase any of the hens, unless you count the ol' silkie rooster. The only thing that might be upsetting her would be the thunder that we have this time of the year. She was here during the last rainy season so she should be used to that. It is what I would call normal in size. Any ideas? [​IMG]

  2. Gargoyle

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    Is it soft or hard? Maybe insufficient calcium in her diet?
  3. The shell is plenty hard. It is mostly normal except for the shape. I haven't cracked it yet but it will most likely be in my breakfast soon. If there be anything more that is unusual I will post it.
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    Now that's weird. Never seen anything like that.
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    One of my pullets lays a wrinkled egg, but not that wrinkled. It must have been crowded in her egg chute adn it got wrinkled before it hardened.
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    Looking at the picture, I thought it would have been a soft-shelled egg, but you say that it is hard? That's a new one to me. Let us know how thick it is when you crack it open. That is very strange....
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    Step on it and sweep it under the rug.
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    I got one of those today too, hard shell and the egg looks fine on the inside, I am thinking maybe the egg must of been too big for her or there was a disturbance while she was laying and she help it in too long?? dunno, I just chucked it across the field for the ravens to eat, lol.

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    Looks like someone let the air out of it [​IMG]
  10. I forgot to add that the feed here does contain calcium and I also take the egg shells from our eggs and grind them up and add them back to their feed. I got another egg yesterday that has wrinkles but nothing like that one. Every day I have fresh fruit with my coffee so today peeling a banana it had too much brown for me so I tossed it out to the chickens and turkeys. The chickens ignored it but the turkeys went for it big time, another gone in 60 seconds!!!! [​IMG]

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