my frizzle is going bald!

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11 Years
Jun 10, 2008
When we got our litte frizzle, we named her "Doh Doh" because she kept bumping into walls and was kind of clumsy. Now, she is looking more like "Slash" as she has lost her feathers on her head and now the rest of her body is going bald as well. (She is still very popular with the rooster, though.) None of my other chickens are having a problem but I am concerned that she will freeze this winter. Any suggestions will be appreciated as these little bantoms are like members of our family.
She is probably moulting & her feathers will grow back. Frizzles sometimes moult a big more hectically than other chickens.
Is she moulting her feathers or are they breaking off? Does she have pin feathers regrowing yet? If you don't see pin feathers regrowing and her current feathers are just breaking off then she is probably an offspring of two frizzles bred together. This breeding can produce double frizzle birds which, when mature, will be virtually naked! Feathers are brittle and break. Hope that isn't what the problem is and she is just moulting, which (I agree with danischi20) frizzles do seem to do dramatically! Best of luck.

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