My fuzzies are here! A couple of questions

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by AKsmama, Jul 11, 2010.

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    Got a call from the main postal distribution center about 8 a.m. today and we hopped in the car to go get them. There were lots of shipments of chicks, because I could hear them through the dock door [​IMG] There must have been about thirty peeping boxes that I could see. Ours came from McMurray and so far all seem very healthy and active. I dipped each one's beak in water as I put them in the brooder and they all drank. Then they all found the food and have been eating and drinking nonstop since. Oh yeah, and pooping [​IMG] We ordered 15 black sex-link, 15 female Araucanas, 3 male Araucanas, and 5 female Marans. McMurray also sent a free exotic (have no idea which one or what breed yet), a free male Araucana, and a free black sex-link. Yes, 5 cockerels (I am assuming the free exotic is male, although there's a 50/50 chance I guess since the invoice said straight run), and we are ok with that for now. We'll see how it goes! I also have no idea if the Araucanas are true or EEs. MMH lists them as Araucanas, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything, right? We have no problems with them being EEs, we're not planning on showing or anything like that.

    So far they just have plain water and are drinking it fine. They are on medicated chick starter. I didn't add vitamin/electrolyte powder to the water, simply because I'd rather have them start drinking right away rather than not drink at all because they didn't like the taste. Should I just watch and see how they recover from shipping, or is it better to just assume they need the additive? I have it if they do need it. ETA: No pics yet, I haven't taken that many pictures, I wanted to let them get settled in first. They are cuties though!
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    nope, they'r not true arucanas. true arucanas are rumpless and ugly. MMH has Amerucanas, I think.
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    Just an FYI. I did add the vitamin electrolyte to my water, just because I haven't had baby chicks before and it is what our hatchery recommended. I give it to my chickens about once a month still as an extra boost. Today I took out a gallon of the vitamin/electrolyte water. I had 8-10 chickens drinking the water at a time. They seem to enjoy the taste pretty good. I've seen where other hatcheries don't recommend vitamin water. I sure hope you enjoy your chicks as much as we do! And best of luck with your decisions, research them as much as possible and make the most educated decision you feel comfortable with - as you'll have as many differing opinions as you do responses!
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    Quote:Nooooo- mcMurray only has EEs. You have to get ameraucanas from a breeder. If you read at the bottom of their catalog listing they state that they are not standard and not intended for showing. No that I have anytihng against EEs- they are AWESOME!

    Anyway- congrats on the new additions! I'd give them the vitamins in the water- just beacuse they were shipped, and it's hot, and they might be a little stressed. Just for a couple days, and they should be great for ya.
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    OK, were ready for pics.....lets see 'um...
  6. noodleroo

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    Apr 29, 2010
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    OK, were ready for pics.....lets see 'um...
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    If you have the vitamin suppliment you should add it to the water. I have never had a problem with the chicks not liking the water with vitamins in it. I think it's beneficial.

    Have fun with your new babies!![​IMG]

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