my geese are the most annoying things..


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Nov 4, 2008
BUT i gotta love em!

they are such good guard birds, they raise the alarm at a strange cat, they will raise the alarm at a hawk in the sky, thats the ONLY way our STUPID sexcrazed roosters will pay attention.

well, last night I went on my rounds after dark, shut up the chickens popdoor(so glad I did), checked the chicks, on my way out of the feed room, I heard the geese sound the alarm, I went around, to check on the ducks, sure enough spied a young fox maybe 2 1/2 feet long body wise walking along the fence hungrily eying the nest of mallard eggs, I saw him, he saw me and took off, I though it was a cat at first til I saw the red pelt and that bushy tail flipped up into the air as the little pest ran off.

it's spring and the ganders getting alittle bold, even with ME, he's starting to challange...but I guess so long as theres no full blown attack on me, they'll stay around.


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Feb 8, 2009
Northern, Illinois
I have wild geese that live in my backyard and return every year. They are very peaceful and just swim in the lake all day. We also have several flock visitors that are quiet as well. However, last night we had some visitors across the street in the forest that were the loudest birds I have ever heard!!!! I don't know if the coyotes or foxes were hunting, or if they were mating but they would not shut up! I just kept thinking what the heck are they doing over there? 1 am....complaining. 2 am....complaining! 3 am....still complaining! I could tell these weren't our returning pair, but rather about 10-15 geese. The first thing I thought of was BYC geese owners!

You're lucky the fox didnt attack you!!
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