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My girls? eggs questions.

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Duck Love07 AR, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Duck Love07 AR

    Duck Love07 AR Chirping

    Jan 8, 2013
    Trumann Arkansas
    okay! i have two Muscovy girls who at the moment are about 10 or 11 months old. they have a male that is a little older then they are who is breeding with them and my girls have been acting rather mean lately. they have not started laying however, it is a little cold here but it has warmed up. will i need to get them nesting stuff? and i am about to move, them with me, will they not lay because of the move? should i wait until they lay? and what if they don't sit on the eggs? is that likely to happen?? my male is really mean when mating is he likely to hurt them or the eggs after the girls lay?

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