My girl's new playset...


Mar 28, 2015
Independence, Ky
So this has been occupying most of my (very limited) free time. I built my 25mth old girl her own "playground." She's got a very nice Step2 Playhouse. I had a nice area excavated, which I then graded. I bordered it with some natural logs on one side, and a nice retaining wall (doubles as bench) on other side. I also put down a lot of rubber mulch. I decided to put some big flat rocks, and some log chunks for her to play with/explore. I'm putting in a swing this weekend as well.


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She should have a lot of fun with her new playground. Good work dad!
thumbsup.gif We've already spent Wednesday, and yesterday (for quite some time) playing on it. She loves going to the park, but sometimes we are too tired, or simply unable to make the trip. This way, she can still get fresh air, and have a great time playing/exercising. This will in no way replace the park. However, it does open up a lot of options so unfortunate circumstances don't hinder her. She's already calling it, "her house."

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