My girls refuse to lay....


8 Years
Feb 18, 2011
I have three girls that are are 12 months old and three girls that are 7 months old. The older girls were each laying an egg a day during the warmer months and then dropped back to about every other day. One girl molted so that took her out of commission. Now, of the three younger girls I am possible getting an egg from my BO. However, I've had no eggs from either my RIR or my Australorp.

Now, I know it's winter, but I'm in CA and we have 60 degree days. The girls are well fed, have fresh water, get a TON of free range time. No hidden nests. Believe me, I'd have been happy to fine one. What gives. A 7 months old RIR with no eggs? The girls all look and act healthy, but maybe I'm missing something. I've been over and over the info here for why they aren't laying, but I'm going nuts. I'm getting 0-2 eggs a day from six girls.
My RIR waited... it happens! They were about 8 months old when they finally started, and I think it is because they hit POL in the winter time... maybe? I don't know. I'm just telling you that it isn't that uncommon. Do they squat for you? If so, after a couple weeks, expect some pretty brown eggs
I'm glad to know it's possible that it's just normal and not something I'm not doing. The funny thing is, my RIR has been squatting for two months and no eggs. Then she stopped squatting. The other two youngins also stopped squatting. Who knows. I know I love them and they don't have to be great layers but it would be great if they were okay layers. Ha ha.
I hear ya... DH said they were squatters... and not because they squatted when you walked by! lol

Its worth the wait...

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