My goslings are pecking chicks!


May 15, 2020
I have 2 goslings, 6 young silkies and 4 baby chicks. The silkies are fine with the new chicks, but the goslings keep grabbing them and shaking them. What should I do? I don't want the chicks to get hurt
You have to brood your goslings separate. It’s always better anyway not to brood waterfowl with chicks since waterfowl make such a mess of the brooder which can be harmful to chicks.
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I have separated them into two brooders. Some of the older silkies keep flying up to the gosling's brooder though, but I think its ok since the goslings don't mind the silkies. In the future, when I move them all to the coop will the geese pick on the younger chickens?
They may it just depends on the geese. My geese do fine with the ducks and chickens out side but they have their own house for night time. I have a pair and no way could they be housed with anyone else during breeding season.
For the most part I have separated all my chickens from the geese. If they are all out free-ranging there isn't usually any problem. The turkeys and geese don't get along at all though.
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