My Guineas went to the Sheriff


13 Years
Sep 14, 2007
NE Alabama
The Sheriff of my county lives on my road (next home up on opposite side of the road), not even a quarter of a mile. I heard my Guineas in the distant the other day. For the first time they had went the direction of the Sheriff's house and were in his yard raising a ruckus -- I mean they were making their loud, deafening chatter (the sound when alarmed). All 33 were there -- it was really loud. They stayed there causing a scene for about 10 minutes before running and flying home. I noticed when they ran back, they did use the shoulder of the road (between an embankment covered in thick kudzu & the road)-- I was embarrassed but did make me laugh. I thought, "those Guineas may be stupid but they certainly are brave going that far."

Mostly, people around here seem to like the Guineas; I notice that most people do stop for them when they go in the road (I have Guinea crossing signs) -- traffic is light on my road, thankfully. They don't go off premises much this time of year (at least, as far as I know) -- and I did not know what made them travel to the Sheriff's house that day.
they must have smelled fresh doughnut treats in the air.

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