my hairless rat harry has issues...


10 Years
Jun 20, 2009
Rigby, Idaho
harry is a 1 year old hairless fancy rat. he hates it when i clean his cage... he is so funny . i take him out of his cage for some loves... then put him in a small cage so i can clean his big cage with out him pulling on my hair and sniffing my ears.. then i get done he has new fresh shavings in his cage now and he wont let me pick him up he is in the corner of his cage.. pouting.. i swear his lower lip is so low that its dragging the ground LOL
Haha, love the name. Some rats and mice, especially males, do actually get upset or stressed when their cage is cleaned. They spend a lot of time leaving urine and scent markings. Leaving just a bit of the old bedding in with the new can help.
. Also, you may consider a more rat-friendly bedding such as paper based beddings. Wooden shavings can be a hard one on their lungs, even in a well ventilated cage.
I'm waiting for photos of that cute rat pout.
Wood shavings are OK as long as they are aspen. Cedar and pine are a big no no.

You know, this thread isn't complete without pictures! Whenever my housemate would clean his (female) ratties cage, he'd give all three of them to me to cuddle on while he cleaned. I even did the cleaning once or twice for him and did so with all three girls on me (they are boob rats, they love chilling in a bra
). It is distracting, but oh so fun!
Yeah, it's the oils in the cedar and pine, but the aspen still has a lot of 'dust' that I've had bad results with in GPs and rats. D:

Haha, no ensemble is complete without bra rats.
odd we have always used pine with all our rats, and i have had a rat or 2... oh well. havent had any issues with pine i know that the cedar is dangerous . but never heard about pine. we dont have anyother shavings available, its eather pine or cedar...

harry is just tempermental. lol he is spoiled rotten. course since he pitched a bit of a fit...he got several apple slices with some peanut butter to make him more aggreable. lol

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