My Handsome Olive Egger Boy, Eddie ... and I’d Love to See Pics of Yours!


Jul 27, 2019
San Luis Obispo County, CA
Three weeks ago, I picked up some new Littles - two Olive Eggers, one Buckeye, one Barred Rock. Of course, there is some law or rule in nature that says no matter how many chicks I get from the feed store, one MUST be a rooster. So, of course, one of my Olive Eggers is a boy chicken. Fortunately, I have a free pen space in the coop/run for him (since I already have multiple roos).

Since Olive Eggers aren’t a standard breed, I’m very curious to know what little Edward will look like when he’s full grown. The feed store thinks Marans was one of the parents, but weren’t sure of the other. Eddie has a nice single comb, clean feet/legs, and currently looks like a large Barred Rock. Any thoughts on what his coloring may be as an adult? Ive seen images of Olive Eggers who have the multiple colors of an American game fowl but the barred pattern of a Barred Rock (sooooo hoping Eddie looks like this when he gets older!).

Anyway, lemme know what you think and please share images of your Olive Egger roo if you can :wee.


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I hope not. First, he is supposed to be an Olive Egger, and second, he was supposed to be a pullet. I paid a little extra for him and his sister (she has similar markings/coloring as him) because they are Olive Eggers. They looked exactly like Copper or Black Copper Marans chicks when I first got them, so hopefully that means they are what they were advertised as.
Hi! I just purchased my first flock and think I might have a rooster. This Olive Egger is 7 weeks old. Thoughts???? I did not get another OE so I can’t compare him/her to another.


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