My hatch day should have been today and it was a disaster


12 Years
Nov 9, 2009
Missouri Ozarks
ohh my.. I worked a long day today and come home expecting 5 babies. I went to the chicken house to see what was happening and there she sat... with a dead, partially formed chick sticking out from under her. One egg had no shell left and was the consistency of a leather pouch. baby dead inside. I candled the other three and pretty sure two werre dead nd one was opened a littl and bleeding. I ended up helping it and left it under her wwith it cheaping. What a disaster. The two that May be dead are still under her too. Going to clean up and throw everything away tomorrow. She has hatched and mothered three groups before this one. I have never seen a hen open an egg and leave nothing but the baby.. and it was not totally developed. not a feather on its body at all. just a gross mess...

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