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11 Years
Nov 4, 2008
I figured I'd post my eggy experiances so far

In my bator I've got 11 RIR eggs, 1 mallard egg, 12 muscovy eggs, 4 cayuga eggs, and 1 buttonquail egg

and under a broody hen, her own 9 eggs.

Muscovy eggs set in the bator on the 2nd: still nothing in most of them.
mallard egg set on the 3rd: day 7 real good viens all ove rthe egg, day 10 dark shell except for airsack, can see the viens still, a dark mass that follows the rotation of the egg, sign of a healthy baby??

Cayuga eggs set yesterday, so nothing yet,

button egg set today

RIR eggs set the 7th, still nothing in the ones I've checked

UNDER OUR BROODY, so as not to tick her off too much, only candled one, she started brooding the 1st, viens in the egg, same dark shell except air sack, like the mallard egg, and a dark mass that follows the egg rotation!!!, again, sign of a healthy baby??

next candling will be a mass candling of all the eggs in the bator and will be the 17th, I hope for a good result!!!
You are one busy person!
Sounds like you have a lot of babies to look forward to!
Do you move your incubated eggs to a hatcher when the time comes to hatch?
Good luck on all those eggs!
truth be told...

if this mallard egg of mine, and the broody eggs pull through, those will be the FIRST successful hatches of the year, and my first ever hatches actually, I tried duck eggs once before years ago, when I was young and stupid, ended up getting curious about what was inside....

but yes, when it comes time to stop turning the eggs, i will rig up a hatcher to stuff them in.unless I leave them in the bator, can you do that??
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ok, my candling for today

muscovy eggs=2 weeks 1 day, pitched four for nothing growing, 5 are questionable, 1 looks like it's really growing, I can actually SEE the baby, it looks like a bean, but it doesn't move when the egg moves, so it may be dead, I'm gong to give it another week,

the 11 RIR eggs=9 days...I can't tell a darned thing with the darkshelled eggs, so they'll stay until thier due date, the 28th.

the button egg=4 days, I couldn't see anything,flashlight too big LOL

mallard egg=2 weeks today, is deffenatly growing, I can see the airsack, a DARK mass, then some viens.

Cayuga eggs=3 days?, nothing yet.

broody momma is deffenatly gonna have some babies! HUGE aircell taking over half the egg. due to hatch in 5 days!
Okie dokie,

so my mallard egg is due in 4 days, 3 tomorrow days, he's been moving up a storm!

all muscovy eggs have been pitched, they were starting to get funky.

two of the RIR eggs look like maybes, they're due on saturday, but the two that look like maybes are probly gonna be 2,3 days late. the rest are dudes I think.

Button quail eggs, are due in 9 days, havn't candled them cause I don't have a flashlight small enough LMAO.

and Cayuga eggs look like they're going to develop!
, Lyra will live on!

I've got 1 blue swed. egg, and one runner from my own birds, set the 23rd, and some runner,khaki camps, and pekin eggs from auction set the 21st, nothing in them yet.hopefully soon

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