my heart is beating out of my chest, although im probably over exaggerating

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    Jun 8, 2014
    so, just a few minutes ago (9:45 PM, 2/24/15) i went outside to lock up my chicken in his coop. my dog always goes out to go to the bathroom as well. i went over to his house and i pounded on it, to let him know i was there and said "goodnight, Squash", so i was looking for the latch on the door, and scared me so hard i fell down, a cat comes tearing out of his house and it startled me, i didn't think bout it until a couple seconds later, but then it came to me...Oh, $#!+ my only chicken is in there, worried sick, my heart was beating out of my chest, and im probably over reacting about nothing, im sure he was in there getting warmth because there's a heater in there, but im still uneasy, he is my last rooster of the two i started with, the first one died in June of a heart attack, and now this **** cat almost gave me one, he ran over under our deck, so like i said im guessing and hoping he was just looking for warmth and i really hope Squash is ok, so just wondering what you guys think...i guess.
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    Yeah, cats are scum! They think they own the world.
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    My cats exist with my chickens very well, even the chicks. I'd say the cat was seeking heat. Flashlights can prevent heart attacks lol. Glad your ok. ;)
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