my hen cant put one leg in front of the other what should I do

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    Feb 28, 2016
    can someone please help me my 5-month-old ee welsummer mix she got hit by a car yesterday and lived now she's eating and drinking but she can't put her left leg in front of her right leg it seems to be something wrong with her hip maybe dislocated I'm trying to avoid having to put her down because she's my sweetheart her name is miss grapes:(
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    Oh course taking her to a vet for xrays to see what might be broken would be best. But when my chicken got attacked, I just put her in a crate in the coop in some clean bedding to be lest alone and have some quiet, since she was in shock. Place a heavy bowl of water and some feed close enough for her to reach. You will want to stop any bleeding, and look for wounds. A chicken sling might help if she cannot stand on her own, to rest the leg and joint. Splinting may help if a break can be identified. A low dose 81 mg aspirin can be given orally, or in food or water twice daily for pain. Offer her some chopped egg with her food. Here is a good link or two for splinting:

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