My hen can't walk

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    Mar 12, 2013
    A few months ago my hen started limping. Her right foot was curled up and she couldn't put weight on it. I put her in solitary for a while and she seemed to get better but with a limp. I let her out. About a week ago her right foot was curled up again and she was having more trouble walking than before. She's been in her own little apartment for a week and has progressively gotten worse to the point she can't stand at all, both legs seem stiff and I keep finding her on her side or back.

    She can grip a little with her left foot but her right foot does nothing. I moved her to a large dog crate and created a circle with bedding so she won't fall on her side again. She doesn't seem to be in pain and I can't feel anything abnormal in her bones. Nothing looks strange except the curling of the right foot.

    I don't know what kind she is, I'm guessing she's about 1 year old give or take a couple months. She's white with a small red comb. I have about 12 hens and 5 roosters. People tend to dump them in my yard (I don't know how word got out) so all my fowl are free range. Most sleep in my orange tree or another tree. She can't get up in them any more.

    She is pooping and eating and drinking water. When she's not on her side or back. No eggs since she's been in solitary but I don't know if she's ever laid an egg. I find eggs all over my property so I don't know if any are hers. All my other birds are fine.

    Anybody have any ideas or suggestions?
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    It's hard to diagnose a chicken over the web. And it's been a few months. You can try some vitamins, and maybe put her in a sling, but you may want to think about her quality of life.

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