my hen gone broody


9 Years
Apr 25, 2013
we have a cochin x hen and she went broody a few weeks ago and this week her eggs should many eggs usually hatch under a hen and how many usually survive?would the eggs be ok during lockdown if she leaves for a short period of time?this is the first time a hen went broody on us and im really nervouse and anxious.
The hen knows what she's doing. "Lockdown" is strictly a human thing. Chickens don't know anything about lockdown. They just do what God made them to do - sit on eggs and hatch them. As far as how many will hatch or survive, there are way too many variables to give a blanket answer to that one. We don't know the conditions, your set up, or anything else. Just relax and ask yourself this question - If chickens were too stupid to know how to hatch their eggs, would there even be chickens on this earth? They've been hatching eggs on their own for many more years than there have been people "helping" them.

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