My hen has been scalped!!

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    May 25, 2009
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    Soooo, my new (I've had her 3months, new-ish) Light Susssex/Mutt hen was getting along with the other hens. And then she started laying, now she is beaten up at every oppotunity. I seperated the bullies, slowly reintroduced, added more space, and I thought the bullying died down. Her feathers were starting to grow back, but today I noticed that she has NO feathers on the back of her head, the bald spot spreads all the way to one of her eyes, and halfway down her neck. She is also developing another one at the base of her neck, and on her back. ANNOYED!! My stupid leghorn just beats the crap out of anything she can. Anyway, until I can build the bigger run I'm planning, I was thinking of a chicken saddle for her back. Is there something that I can make/do to cover her neck?

    I've been coating the bald patches in pinetarsol, trying to discourage pecking and disinfect any wounds (btw, she has a hole in the back of her head that is shrinking, despite her getting balder, and the skin on her back looks damaged where the feathers are being ripped out) but she shakes most of it off.

    Any suggestions/ideas to tide her over until the bigger run is built and she has the extra running/hiding space?

    BTW, she is still laying, little trooper :)
    (and the fat Leghorn beating her up hasnt laid an egg in almost a month [​IMG] maybe I'll eat her [​IMG] )
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    When I've needed a saddle, I just pull out a scrap of fleece and snip away til it fits. No sewing needed with that stuff so if I have to redo it, little hassle. I have one wearing one now, she doesn't need it any more, and I keep forgetting to grab her off the roost and take it off; she shows no sign she knows it's there. Oh, well, it's a winter coat, she's used to it now, maybe I'd better wait til Spring....

    I'd cut a rectangle maybe 6" x 8" then slice two holes for wings, and hook it on her. Hint: their back is only about 2" wide. Include a small extension to cover the neck. Might even need to cut flaps so it wraps around the neck, then fasten with a snap or something.

    Several years ago I bought a 2 yard piece of fleece at Walmart for about $5. I'm still working on the same piece. It's solid black and barely shows on these brown chickens.
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    I had a problem with three bullies in my pen, so one by one I got rid of them at Chicken swaps or on Craigslist. I now have a great group of girls [​IMG]

    If I don't get right out in the morning to open their coop up to their run it's no problem because they are all quiet and kind.

    Sounds like you are doing what works as she is healing up so good job [​IMG] She is one tough chicken

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    Oh ya...I have the same problem only one difference... I can't tell who the bully is:) It sucks to see a bald chicken everyday. I, too, would like to know what others have done for the head and neck area. Her skin is good and intact but constantly bald. I put hot pick and vasoline on her, hoping it would deter the "bully" but I never see any feathers grow back.
  5. Judy

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    Quote:It might be that there isn't any bullying going on any more, but she just hasn't grown feathers back. Wish I could remember -- I've read on here that they won't grow back til the next molt if the base of the feather was or was not left behind -- I just forget which.

    At least you're only seeing a bald place and not an injured place.

    For the OP, I just thought, they actually sell chicken hats on here, for the cold I think. The hat would just need a bit of a neckpiece attached. Hats sound silly to me, but there's nothing silly about protecting an injured bird. For anyone who sews even a little, doesn't seem like it would be hard to come up with one.

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