My hen has started panting and making "gurgling" sound when clucking


6 Years
Aug 21, 2014
Hello again chicken experts.
I have a barred rock who has survived a dog attack. We are a couple months out and she is getting around standing on one leg, using the other to move, but never standing on it. In the last few weeks, I've been able to put her in the yard for the day and she moves around ok.
After discovering she had tape worms, I gave her a round of panacur (Fenbendazole) as the vet tech assured me the tapes they saw were the ones it would cover. Within a few days, she started laying eggs again, and she hadn't been laying eggs regularly even before the dog incident. But, after about ten days, I started seeing the worms in her droppings again. Went to get zimectrin gold as Dawg53 advised in the first place and dosed her today.
In the meantime, I've noticed when it's been getting hot outside she starts to pant, and when she clucks, she sounds like she needs to clear her throat, gurgling sound... I've been thinking it was due to heat and her not being able to move around well to cool herself as she needs (she has been in the shade). But now, I'm worried it could be something respiratory. I have kept her in the garage where she sleeps today since I gave her the wormer and she is continuing to pant despite being cooler.
I also realize it could be gapeworms, but per reading it seems as if that is rare. If it is, should one dose now and again in ten days of the zimectrin gold cover it?
Should I be pursuing antibiotics in case it's something else? Should I watch to see if it will resolve on its own?
Since starting to lay again, about a week and a half ago, she's been laying daily, including today. So, been hopeful that she's on the road to recovery.
Any advice is appreciated!

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