My Hen is acting strange...plz help :(

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7 Years
Apr 11, 2012
Hart County,Kentucky
I have a blue cochin/wyandotte mix and she has had a rough mth ! first she had a clutch and we had a bad storm and it broke all her eggs due to coop damage...then a week and a half after that she had layed and started setting again and a hoot owl some how or another got in our coop and killed our roo....and again broke most of her egg' the left over's i kept in there and was going to candle them in a week or so to see if there was any she ended up laying 5 more eggs and started setting of 9 eggs she was setting she set for about 4 days stright and i never seen her get off the nest and then a few days later i never seen her on the nest she was off for about 3 days so i brong her eggs in and candled them and out of 9 there were 3 that were i placed them in my she never even noticed the eggs were gone and these past 5 days she has only layed 2 eggs and she is laying them on the floor and sleep's in her nest instead of on the roost were she used to before she started setting....has she been tramatized to much or what ? i know she has but she just lays around and she is so mean the my other babies i have in there (they are about 12 weeks old and they have been with her for about 2 weeks now......what should i do ? someone said to put her in a dog crate for confignment for a few days but what would that do ? please help...she used to be a good hen :(
What a pretty hen. She may still have some of those moody broody hormones in her. They may have suggested putting her in the dog crate to break her broodiness or maybe to protect the younger chickens from getting bullied. But she has been broody for a while so it will take some time for her to rejoin the daily routine in the flock especially since there have been so many changes. I probably wouldn't put her in a dog crate. I would just give her time to readjust. If you don't want her to sleep in her nest box you could try taking her out once it is fairly dark and place her on the roost. She might start getting used to the roost again.
i have actually tried putting her on the roost and she flauged me lol so i let her be.....she has not laid an egg in about 3 days and she is a total but when i go in to feed...she is usually laid back and sweet so i guess she is just stressing to much.....i noticed today that the other chicks are not taking anything off her now lol ny little white one turned around and ran after her and the hen was like what in the world lol and ran to the run....but she is just acting strange towards me now and my husband can go in and she just clucks away at him and he can pet her and she don't move lol
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