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  1. My hen Herki was getting mated with way too much by my 2 roosters. I have 23 chickens 10 are chicks. I did not no what to do because Herki's back was getting sores on it and she was losing all her feathers. I finally brought her in the house. Now she spends the day inside and sleeps outside. Today is her 2nd day inside and she is getting really bored.
    What should I do to keep her happy and not bored? Any ideas on chicken toys? I tried cutting holes in a bottle and putting treats in it she had no interest.
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  3. Ok I still need to keep her occupied will I am making it
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    I had to bring my BR inside this winter when she decided to molt when it was 5 degrees outside, almost died from hypothermia and frostbite :(

    I had her in a large dog crate and she got bored too. If you can stand the mess( put down a sheet under the crate to catch the mess) I put some hay down in the cage on top of the news papers then sprinkled a little scratch over that. She had a wonderful time scratching and hunting for those little morsels. You'll need to monitor the water as it can get polluted with hay pretty quickly.
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  5. I would do that but she is not in a crate she is just running around the house. I may be able to make something like that work though.
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    Get her a Purina flock block.
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  7. First off my chickens are spoiled and some can be picky I have tried giving them the flck blocks they show no interest I have tried some stuff earlier she sat on a chair looking at herself in the mirror I has not gotten old but I have a feeling it will soon get old. I have a asked a local freind to nit her a chicken saddle so that should be ready by the end of the week! I still need ideas while the
    saddle is being made somthing needs to keep her occupied.

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