My hen is braking and eating her eggs!?!?! help


10 Years
Jan 17, 2010
I have a RIR hen who every time she lays an egg she brakes it and eat part of it! what is up?? she did this over the summer a cupple time and then stoped.........she getting older and i want her to have a some babys witch she has never done in her life.......out of her 7 years she has never once gone broody! and i am wanting eggs to incubator from her...........So my quetions is why is she braking and eating the eggs ??? and has any one ever had there hen do this?? and last quetion why hasent she ever gone broody??, she is 7 years old and never once layed on eggs.
Give her golf balls, that should help.

Edited to add... You can't make them go broody(sit on the eggs). Some do and some don't. the golf balls won't break and she should stop eating the eggs.
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