My hen ... is laying liquid eggs .. help


Jun 5, 2020
Hi everybody

my chicken has started to lay shelless eggs and now liquid - iv posted a picture of tonight they all gone to bed and she cans down to lay the white out of her duct followed by what I think could be her soft shell photo uploaded ..

:( .. I bought this hen from a farmer when I first had her she was laying extra extra large eggs 4 weeks ago ...

Could it because our bantam has a chick and she is eating the chick crumb .. or at the end of her lay ?!? or she is sick .. ( but she acts ok ?) please any advise welcome ?!?!

Iv given her laters pellets - oyster shell - meal worm and put an additive for egg shell now in water for last 3 days but unsure what I need to do ?!,!

thanks in advance love my chickens so welcome advice !!!


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