my hen is not eating. :(

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    shes a 14 week old philippine native chicken pullet. ive been feeding her grower pellets since shes 9 weeks old and i hvnt got any problems with it. but now, when her feeder is empty at i put some feed, she doesnt eat it. i left her one day and the feed is still not eaten. she stays in her coop all day bec. its rainy. she doesnt drink too. what shud i do? shud i mash her feed? or shes getting tired of it? shes very active and happy i dont see any problem or sickness in her, she always jumps on me whenever she sees me and she also doesnt eat the treats i give her. (hotdogs, greens). im really worried now. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I don't have any idea what could be wrong with your hen, and I am sorry she isn't eating. You say she is on pellets. Are they too big for her to eat? You could try crushing up some of the pellets and moistening them a bit in a bowl and feeding it to her. Sometimes on really hot days and my 4 month olds won't eat, I give them some of their crumbles all moistened and they will dig right in. Also, make sure the food is not spoiled. If she is really not eating anything, find something she will eat just to keep her alive. Chickens go absolutely NUTS for raisins or scratch. Anything to keep her going till she starts back up on the eating. Good luck with your hen. [​IMG]

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