My hen is pulling out her chest feathers and its swollen. Help???

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    Ok I have a 2 year old hen that has already molted, and seems to be pulling out her chest feathers. The area kind of looks swollen like brest cancer and there is a bald spot on her chest from the feather pulling now. She hasn't acted any different, and is eating ok. I am unsure what is causing it because my other hen seems to be fine. They both live in the same hen house, and the bedding is soft wood shavings.
    Also, I don't know if this is related but they both have dry poop stuck to their feathers around their butt. I've cleaned it once but it came back.
    (I'm new to hens and can use all the help I can get. Thanks.)
  2. Miss Lydia

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    Pulling the chest feathers makes me think she might be broody? and for the dried poop, I trim the feathers around the vent of my hens, they have so much fluff back there that the poop naturally will stick, clean them up real good, maybe a good soak in some nice warm water, they love it. then after blowing dry with hair dryer on low trim their feathers up some. Also have you checked them over for lice/ mites this is the time of year when they start. forgot my manners [​IMG]
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    the feathers are either broody or mites/lice, poopy feathers need some olive oil. That stuff is the BOMB for a poopy vent!!!! I cook oat meal and add raisins and olive oil or scrambled eggs with oat meal and of course olive oil. Since I have added olive oil I have NO poopy butts.
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    swollen? could it be a full crop?

    if you push backward a hens feathers u will notice the feathers grow from patches/sections not 100% of their body surface. So some areas may appear bald, especially if they are wet down. intentional plucking of her own chest feathers may signify broodiness....

    trim the butt feathers a bit and the poo won't stick.


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