My hen is walking like a duck....HELP!


8 Years
Mar 6, 2011
My hen is walking like a duck with her tail down and wings out to the side. Does anyone know what this could mean?

She is almost a year old and has been laying. Her eating and bathroom habits have not changed. I gave her a warm bath for 30 minutes tonight and she seemed to really enjoy that. After the bath, I dried her off but she was still holding her tail down.
If she is egg bound you will need to let her soak as much as you can just make sure the water doesn't get too cool, then for the night put her in a dark room if you have tums you can crush one up into some warm water and try to get her to drink it..hopefully by morning she will have laid if thats the problem. Have you been able to feel down around her lower belly for an egg or you can also put on a latex or something like that and put vaseline on your finger and go into the vent not far but see if you can feel an egg. also smearing some around her vent may help her lay too. What breed is she and does she lay large size eggs?
Thanks for the advice! We've got her in the garage tonight by herself in an XL dog carrier. I'll keep you posted on how she is tomorrow. I noticed that you are from Western NC. I've got family who live in Waynesville!
MY barred rock hen suddenly started doing that last year. When I picked her up I found out she was also very skinny. We finally determined that she was laying internally. It didn't end well for her... I hope yours isn't in the same situation. A good person to talk to about internal laying is Cynthia (speckledhen). She has had several girls with that issue. BEST WISHES!

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I agree with Robin's if she doesn't lay today that PM speckled hen and she could give some great advise since she has been through this many times.. I just hope she'll lay for you today or maybe already has.. and I am in Burnsville, sorry I didn't do this last night,

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