My hen layed an egg with a red dot


8 Years
Dec 30, 2011
Hi there, so is it true that if a hen lays an egg with a red dot in the egg does that mean it's been furtilized by a rooster? I think I might have a rooster in my hen house but not real sure yet. I have noticed it is pecking all the other chickens and is really aggresive and is never in the nesting boxes. I haven't heard any crowing yet.
Thanks and any help would be appreciated.
That's called a "blood spot" or "meat spot" (although it is blood, not meat) and has nothing to do with being fertilized. Sometimes a small blood vessel leaks during the egg-building process.

You seldom see these in grocery eggs because the factory uses very bright lights to candle eggs and any spot in eggs makes them "ineligible" for grocery use. Those eggs are then used in other egg products; they do not go to waste. The groceries - and factories - just know the public doesn't like blood spots in their eggs.

Harmless. If it bothers you, scoop it out before you cook the egg.

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