My hen was attacked by dog, deep puncture wound HELP!


9 Years
Jan 22, 2011
My flock was attacked by a dog tonight, ripped a lot of feathers off. One of my Brahma girls got the worst of it. Her bottom feathers are gone along with most in a row on her back and a deep puncture wound on her back. the wound goes down pretty deep, past the fat layer. Help, what do I do? Do I need to end her suffering or can I help her? Thanks
Flush the wound out and then carefully dry. Start antibiotics if you have them. Make sure she is eating, drinking, and warm. Good luck!
my hen was attacked by a dog a while back, left a deep wound in her neck, i could see inside her neck, i took a electrice shaver ans shaved the feathers from around the wound, washed the cut out, put antibiotic ointment in it and taped gaze over it and changed it everyday, i put her in her own pen, till it healed, just keep it clean and keep her seperate from the others.
did you shave the feathers down to the skin? I don't want to hurt her, can I trim them?

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