My hens are not laying!

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    Apr 29, 2009
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    My feather babies are at 27 weeks, and are not laying eggs what so ever. Is it because of the weather? I got them in June when they were babies, and now they are happy hens [​IMG] However, no eggs! I live in North TX and the weather here is kind of strange. I've put heat lamps in their coop at night to keep them cozy warm. I'm feeding them lay pellets (by Purina) and some corn scratch. Any advice or help is surely appreciated [​IMG] Happy Holidays!
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    Aug 17, 2009
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    I can only tell you what I did that worked. I fed mine "calf manna" for a couple weeks and they started laying within 10 days. Some feed stores call it Nutri boost. Sometimes they need the extra protein push. I also started scrambling eggs in the microwave for them a couple times a week. They need 14 hours of daylight but they also need to be able to sleep in the DARK. So a cheap christmas tree timer is perfect to set up with the RED heat light. Hope this helps... just be patient.... once you see the first egg the rest will follow........

    Fake wooden or ceramic eggs also help show the girls where to lay and also train the girls NOT to peck and eat eggs. It hurts when you try to peck open a wooden egg.
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    hi my name is paul blankenship

    well i agree with bedste but i do thing a lil diff if they wont lay after his method try feeding them groung red pepper it sounds strange but it works if that false get some cabbage and hang it in her pen at head high and as she need it she will eat it and be shure to feed crushed oyster shells in with her 22% layer mesh and put a light in her pen i use a 60 wat white bulb and my egg productions have went through the roof i hope this helps you

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