my hens egg laying has slowed, put light in coop.


11 Years
Jul 3, 2008
i was getting a dozen a day or more . and now the past week only 5-9 eggs a day . the days are getting shorter and less daylight so i put a light in coop with a timer. on at 4 am off at 7 am gives them 3 more hrs of light. how long before i will see more eggs. or at least back to the dozen a day.
I agree, if they have already begun their fall moult, it is unlikely adding light will force them back into lay. This is the time of year hens take a much needed break from laying to generate new plumage.
my birds range from 6 months old to 1.5 yrs old and i had 4 of the older birds already molt they just got all there feathers back. 12 are 6 months old and 9 are 1.5 yrs old. of the 12 young birds 7 are laying and 5 arent , all but 4 of the older birds are laying .
After about 1 1/2 years and a molt, they typically continue to lay, but often not as many as they used to, and often the eggs are larger. But this varies a lot and they may continue to lay for several more years. I'd just wait til they start up again and see how they do.

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