my hens wont lay eggs and im starting to get iiiiiirate lol


11 Years
Aug 12, 2008
my rirs wont lay they are at least 23 weeks old and big and i feed the tar oout of them lazy birds
Try squeezing them.
[/img] I've got the same age welsummers and BA's and I'm still waiting as well.
Patience, grasshopper.

Some of the larger breeds won't lay until 32+ weeks. With cold weather coming and short days it may take a bit more time for them to start.
Seems to me its a bad time of year to bring chickens into laying. They all are slow for some reason. Whether it be the molting that takes place, the weather cooling or day shortening. Do spring chickens tend to lay faster than fall?
Oh I know your level of frustation, I have 17 hens and get about 4 eggs a day and it is beyond frustrating. The egg orders are stacked up and the hens aren't cooperating. LOL

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