My Holderread Ducklings are here!!! =)


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And I thought baby chicks were cute!!! I've been hooked and baited and sooooo in love with these little guys!!!
5 Khaki Campbell and 5 Welsh Harlequins

My Mother-in-law are actually splitting an order of ten ( 6, her 4...she only wanted a few), so I'll have to let some part

Couple of questions for me the newbie:

1) Do ducklings get pasty butt like chicks? Do I need to watch for it?
2) I picked one up and slimey water came out of its that normal?
3) The instructions said to put vitamins in the water for the first week (at half the dose)...the only ones I found are Poulty Nutri-Drench...are any of you familiar with this? Is it okay to use???

Here's some pics:

Someone mentioned that you can sex Welsh Harlequins by their bill during the first few days...hope this is true...if so, looks like I have 3 ducks and 2 drakes (one for me, one for mother-in-law). Does it work the same way for Khaki Campbells? Either it doesn't, or I have 5 of the same gender...


And goodness, they are messy!!! 5 minutes after I change the paper towels, it's SOAKED again!!! (But they are worth it!)


Ducklings can get pasty butt.

As for the slimy water, it may have panicked a little and barfed on you. I have had ducklings do that.
Hooray! Mine came today too! I was surprised that I just got mine today since they usually come by the morning after they are shipped at the latest. You got yours all the way in SC the same time it took me to get mine only to CO? LOL, gotta love the postal service.

Anyway, they sent me ten WH. Did you get a mix of colors? I have four that have dark brown heads. The rest are almost solid yellow. It looks like I got more ducks than drakes too which I am thrilled about. I think the sexing by bill color thing only works for WH. The Khakis you will probably just have to wait until they mature more to sex them.

Congrats on the new babies!
I think mine are all the same color. I'll have to go look at yours...did you post pics yet?

All my WH have dark heads. Sounds like you got Silver and Yellow. I think I have silver...

Congrats to you too! I'm so excited!
Me too! I can't wait to see how they turn out. I have heard so many great things about them personality wise. I really like both the Gold and the Silver. I am glad they gave me some of both. I haven't posted pictures yet, but I promise I will soon (as soon as my hubby has time to help me with the digital camera since I am technology challenged, LOL).

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