my horse is a celebrity look alike


Squeaky Wheel
11 Years
Feb 11, 2008
Waterloo, Nebraska
I rode Dolli in the River City Roundup Parade in Omaha.There are a couple of hundred horses in the parade every year along with floats, giant ballons, etc. Every year we smile and wave to the thousands of people lined up along the parade route. You can always hear the kid saying stuff like, "I like the brown one or the white one," "Look how big the spotted one is," Look how pretty the black one is," as they watch everybody ride by. When Dolli walks by, the little girls all scream, "IT'S MY LITTLE PONY!!!!" She actually does look like an adult sized version on MLP. She is a Haflinger with a long flowing mane. I told my daughter that one of these times I'm going to dye her pink and put sparles and stars all over her. She said that she would disown me if I did that.

Thanks. She's very cute. She even has eyelashes longer than I have ever seen on a horse before. You can see them on the picture I posted.

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