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    May 31, 2010
    I have no idea.
    Hi! On Monday, I am going to Thailand to visit my grandpa, this may be the first and last time i see him. [​IMG]

    So anyways, I need someone to take care of my howrses on howrse. [​IMG]


    no selling horses

    no buying horses

    must be at least 200 days old

    must have at least 2 karma

    must be truthful

    must not use ANY BM items, PERIOD!

    must keep equus above 5,000e (im bidding on a female uni, and if i win, i might now be able to pay! [​IMG])

    must take good care of my horses

    take care of my EC carefully

    NO breeding!

    must give a horse these each day AT LEAST:



    salt blocks

    at least 1 hour of training

    must have VERY SPECIAL care to the following horses:



    all donkeys



    PS: you do not have to take care of every horse, just one a day at least. [​IMG]

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