My Ideal Order is coming! Im panicing!


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Ok, so i'm new to the board!

Little background info: I'm 18 years of age, I was introduced to chickens at the age of 5 or 6...I have been obsessed ever since (I hear this is normal?). I have 44 chickens, including 4 phesants whom i raised but come and go periodicly. I do most of the care taking myself, i pay for feed, i built my cages, I care for my birds. My dad got me hooked on poultry at a young age...he taught me alot about these creatures. Sadly, he passed away a couple months back. I live in Albuquerque, birds run free range in a 2 and a half acre backyard..except for the game birds (they fight


I ordered from them before, there amazing!

However, i ordered a very large number this time...38 to be exact.
There due to ship Wednesday 3/26
Why so many? You Already have about 50!!!
Well, dangit. I ordered from ideal with the intent to get some new trios. Then while looking at ideal's website, It hit me like a ton of bricks...i had no bantams..So i caved, I had to order a flock of little silkies!!!PLUS, i have an extra cage! Since my birds go free range I have plenty of space....So i picked up some breeds i have never had...In the end I ordered way to nervous.
(What if they get lost in the mail?)
(What if the PO doesnt call?)
(What if I missing something!)

Everyone's help and or tips are greatly appreciated!

I have Never raised this many babys myself, usually my hens do all the work..i just provided food, water, shelter.

Now this is what I have ready to go....I built a brooder 3 feet wide, about 5 feet long, and 3 feet high. Seems to be lots of floor space. Is that good for 38 chicks?

I have a lamp with one of those red bulbs i usually use for my chicks, will one lamp be enough to heat the size of my brooder to 95 degrees for the chicks?

I have several feeders, and water things. Lots of pine shavings, i use that stuff in all my coops. Im going later today to get some chick starter....

Now, i have sucessfully raised baby chicks many times, been through the good and the bad... but never have I done this many at one time.....I know these little dudes are delicate, so I dont want to make a small mistake that could spell doom.....I invested alot into this order!

BTW, this board is awesome! Im so glad i found it!
Step number one.. Relax. 2. make sure you have food for them. .. and that should be fine to hold that many chicks. Also. since they are bantams. (or some are) GET a big pen to keep them in as well once they get too old for the brooder. For them being small. are easy pray for owls. Hawks. and many other predators. now once they get old enough. about 7-8 months old maybe. you can let them free range. but before then. its risky.
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You will do fine. Treat them like any other chick. They will come to the light. Just notice if they are moving away from light or piling up under it to know if you have it to high or low. Sounds like a huge breeder box. Hope you have great succuess
Me Too!
I have an Ideal order shipping 3/26....except i got only 12...

What breeds did you order?...and whats a trio?

I agree with the above post. At one point consider seperating the silkies, since you dont have bantams, youll quickly find out these are small birds...could be risky to allow them into your big back yard.
The only thing I would suggest is maybe consider investing in another heat lamp...just in case for whatever reason your other one stops working, you will have back up..

You seem to have everything ready, your prepared!
I placed an order with them as well and I recieved mine today. I only ordered 4, but they sent me 16!
I almost fainted when I opened the box at the post office! 16 ?!?! Hole cow. What the heck am I gonna do with 16 chicks? I've already posted to give some away, but only 1 person has emailed me yet. Hopefully I can get rid of the rest, and soon.
There seems to be alot of members getting there orders this week!

A trio (to my knowledge) is 3 chickens of the same breed. Consisting of 1 male and 2 females.

True, Thats one thing about my area is there are lots of hawks, and i have seen owls...but I have never lots any of my birds to predators...Not to my knowledge anyway.
But since these guys are small i will most likely seperate them.
The only thing I would suggest is maybe consider investing in another heat lamp...just in case for whatever reason your other one stops working, you will have back up..

Thats brilliant! My lamp is old too, no telling what could happen to thanks i would of never thought of that. Well im off to the feed store....
your brooder is big enough for 38 chicks for 2 or 3wks.depending on how fast they may need another brooder in 2 or 3wks tho.relax an enjoy them.make sure you have feed an well as feeders an have your brooder ready.
Sorry i missed the part about my order, This is what is listed on my confirmation sheet:
If I can, I usually get two males in case one dies.

2 BB Red Kraienkoppe Pullets.
2 BB Red Kraienkoppe Males.
2 Golden Phoenix Pullets.
2 Golden Phoenix Males.
2 Blue Red Cubalaya Pullets
2 Blue Red Cubalaya Males.
4 Golden Laced Polish (st. run)
5 Black Jersey Giants
5 Buff Orphington

3 Black Silkie Bantam (st. run)
3 Gray Silkie Bantam (st. run)
3 Red Silkie Bantam (st. run)
3 White Silkie Bantam (st. run)

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