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Jun 9, 2022
Arizona @ 3000 feet
I live in a very rural area of Arizona closest small city is 20 miles away closest medium size city about 70 miles. We have a very simple life right now. We garden for our family and little flock. We are located at 3000 feet so it's a little cooler than hotter areas of Arizona. Almost off grid we have electricity, minimal internet sometime cell service and are working on getting solar back up... A little 10 acre fenced in farm with views of the mountains and big sky. The Grand Canyon is down the road but, you have to drive about 180 miles and do a left turn to get there...

Our flock is a mix we have 4 hens, one each Rhode island red, Leghorn, Easter egger and a very charming Turken. We also have some quackers OK, actually just 1 quacker a Rouen drake and his harem of 3 Muscovy girls who do not quack and are very soft spoken,

We call our Easter egger "Easter" Yea I know very original name.. Turken is called "Emu" The Rhode Island red, yea you guessed it "Red" The Leghorn is called "Foghorn" or more often she is called "White trash" cause she loves getting dirty and has a very ruffled look. Rouen is called "Ping" I know you have to wonder where that name came from... Well we once picked up two babies a Rouen and White Polish, most of you know a white polish has this ping pong looking puff on their head and pind had slanted looking eyes ( I'am Japanese I can say that lol) .. So we started calling them Ping Pong...

Well pongs favorite food was pumpkin she loved eating and carving them out inside, jumping and standing inside and on top of them. She lived and died by pumpkins. She was my favorite bird. Then one day I tossed a pumpkin out in the yard for them to eat. One of the other chickens spooked Pong she bolted from five feet away and ran directly under it (she didn't see it) We were both crushed by the event I felt so terrible, she was hit and took off running. I picked her up to settle her down and comfort her but, it broke my heart when she died in my lap about 15 minutes later...

Everyday we let the birds out to free range I chop up a bunch of greens berries and other stuff (no pumpkins) from the garden for them to eat plus they like to tear up the compost pile and ducks love playing in the pond. Now Easter and Emu have become my lap chickens everyday they will jump up in my lap to get petted and have snacks. It is becoming pretty crowded in my lap since they are both growing up to be big girls.

Well that is a small glimpse of our life out here in the desert...
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