My just hatched chick has a yolk sac connected to it

Mar 3, 2018
my new chick that just hatched about 20 minutes ago and it was bleeding and when it fully hatched it was very wet (more than usual) and still had a yolk attached to its stomach and isn’t trying to get up

what should I do?
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I had 6 eggs to begin with 1 so far has successfully hatched, one died while hatching and the other is hatching now but not making process and that one that’s bleeding. The other two weren't fertile
Looks like maybe hatching early I wouldn't assist hatch if that is what you are doing. The one you sent a picture of I can't really see what's going on. I would keep them together and warm and let them rest. If they are strong they will be ok.
Edit: basically what I'm saying is do what momma hen would do because that what is best
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