My keets have escaped!


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Apr 10, 2015
Gervais Oregon
I put my 6-7 week old keets outside in a temp coop/run that's located inside my much larger chicken/duck run so they could get used to home base and all the birds can get used to each other, well that was 9 days ago and this morning I go outside and they've escaped! They're all still in the larger run with the chickens and ducks and it seems that everyone is getting along fine however I intended on having them in the temp coop and run for at least a month not 9 days. So far they haven't flown the coop and like I said the chickens and ducks are getting along with them, can I leave them there? They are insanely hard to catch because of their speed and now ability to fly (short distances) but I also don't want them getting hurt or wandering off and not come back
They're still so young and small that they kept their distance from the chickens and the chickens didn't seem to care one way or the other about the guineas. I did manage to herd the guineas back into their coop last night. So hopefully I've fixed the problem and they can stay in there another 3 weeks

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