My layers are on strike still


11 Years
Apr 22, 2010
Woodinville, Wa
I have 11 girls, 4 are 2+ years, 3 are 1+ year, and the rest are last summer girls.
I have put lcd christmas lights in the coop on a timer to suppliment their light. However they are not laying well. They get about 12 hrs of light a day, free range for 2 hrs, have unlimited feed access a day but I only get about 4 eggs a day. What am I doing wrong?????
I am right there with you...mine are a little over a year old.... haven't layed well since August, they did molt the end of September.... I have treated them for lice, wormed them, and taken away the extra roosters, supplemented thier light and thier diet... mine are truely on strike!!!
I have another group of girls that are laying very nicely... so I can not figure it out for the life of me why!!!

But I am hangng in there till spring and then I am hoping for and Egg explosion

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