My least favorite part about incubating....The wait


9 Years
Jul 17, 2010
I put in 4 Bantam Rhode Island Red eggs on the 14th of september. Then 18 Lavender Orpington eggs on the 15th and 20 more on the 20th. Well The Rhode Island and first group of orpingtons went into lock down Sunday. Only 1 Rhode Island was developed and only 6 lavenders. So anyways the rhode island should have hatched today, nothing yet
Nothing is even making noise, it makes me wonder about my lavenders. I always get so nervous when it comes to this part of hatching. hopefully they will all pop out when i am sleeping so i don't sit by the incubator all day The temp was set at 102*, because it's a still air, and humidity at 55%, now 65% I really hope I have some hatch
My other orps go into lock down friday and so far 16 are developing, so that's positive. I just hope they all turn out ok
I have found the wait does not bother me. May be because I work out of town every wk so I just set them and forget them. I do set the eggs so that hatch date is when I am normaly home on wkends. My wife takes care of the chicks when I am gone and I sort of think she wishes I would quit filling the incubators before I leave home each wk.

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