My Little 6-Week-Old Wilco Family

Saum Creek

Jun 24, 2019
Hi everyone! I hope there are those on this forum that actually enjoy sexing chickens. My Wilco bubs are all 6-weeks-old so I thought I'd ask opinions on sex so I can start thinking names and deciding what color to paint their bedrooms.

Please note that all breed names listed here are just what they were labeled at Wilco. :)

1. "Color Pack" EE with cool hair. The third picture is just funny:

IMG_20200625_152127.jpg IMG_20200625_151939.jpg IMG_20200624_144711.jpg

2. Russian Orloff. Growing a moustache. Super friendly and the victim in the above picture. So far s/he's called Pancake:

IMG_20200625_151617.jpg IMG_20200625_151751.jpg IMG_20200625_151535.jpg

3. BLR Wyandotte. This is the one I assume is a cockerel. I've named him Opal but pretty sure he's an Opa:

IMG_20200624_144754.jpg IMG_20200625_152017.jpg IMG_20200625_152004.jpg

4. SL Wyandotte. Pink, but not so pink. So far, not much of a personality but my mom calls him/her Lucy:

IMG_20200625_151727.jpg IMG_20200625_151729.jpg IMG_20200625_151600.jpg

5. "Color Pack" EE. Pirate chicken that loves to be on my shoulder. Also cool hair:

IMG_20200625_151500.jpg IMG_20200625_151517.jpg IMG_20200625_151522.jpg

6. Last but not least, another "Color Pack" EE. A sweet bub but not really the leader sort:

IMG_20200624_144200.jpg IMG_20200624_144419.jpg IMG_20200625_151735.jpg

Thanks, everyone! x
Mar 19, 2011
NW Oregon
1. Easter Egger is a Cream Legbar mix to get the blue genes which is why you have a head crest. Female.

2. Russian Orloff looks female.

3. BLR Wyandotte. Male. That's a lot of fleshy red rose comb for 6 weeks.

4. SL Wyandotte...I am leaning to male. The comb is not as fleshy as the BLRW, but that's a lot of wattle for the age, plus the color is very blocky rather than laced. I think male.

5. Easter Egger looks to be another Cream Legbar mix. Probably female, but that comb is large for 6 weeks. Watch and wait, may be male.

6. Easter Egger. Female. Might have a hint of bearding, so could be traditional Ameraucana linage, but I find the tuffs from Cream Legbar pass down about 50/50, then pop up again at odd generations.

So almost even split with 2 male, 3 female, and 1 wait and see.

You should know with more certainty in about 3 more weeks.

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