My little flock


Jun 22, 2019
Dunoon, Argyll & Bute, Scotland
i didn’t not know when my husband suggested incubating at all what I was getting myself into. It’s been a lovely but sometimes heartbreaking experience and not sure if that’s quite ended but I do love these little birds.

Out of 12 mixed eggs (that was my first mistake maybe) I got a CCL cockerel and pullet and what I believed for now is a CCL/BCM pullet

My coop is too big for just 3 birds and that wasn’t what I hoped for, so we did a little research and i believe that introducing them earlier rather than later will be ok, so I went ahead and bought CCL eggs and blue/black French copper Marans eggs. None of the CCL developed and only 3 of the marans eggs did. I’m happy with that though

Today the wee babies learned to fly to the edge of their brooder box and did a chicken run! Adorable. And the older ones, today they learnt to roost in their coop. It’s been a good day in chickland!


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Congratulations, theres some monthly hatch alongs, and you'll figure it out eventually, My first excursion into hatching in an incubator for 3-4 hatches made me want to give up and burn the evil thing, but with some help from people we now get 80-95% hatch rate outta my flock Ridgrunner and Amylynn besides the awesome people on the hatch alongs. got me through the hardest part as I hatch at high elevation which is even more challenging
Thanks for sharing your photos...the chicks are adorable!

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