My little flock :)


Cape Town Farm Girl
7 Years
Oct 21, 2012
Atlantis, South Africa
I currently have a flock of 5; Three commercial white layers (no idea what is in those genes!) Called Molly, Lucy and Kimmy. On Saturday I added a pair of Rhode Island Reds called Captain Morgan and Kayla. They are a friendly bunch, and they provide me with lovely fresh eggs and lots of entertainment! Lucy really scared me a while ago, we were away for 4 days with someone looking after them, and when I got back I noticed she was bleeding out of both ears :( I seperated her from the rest and nursed her, but she soon let me know that she was healthy as a horse and yearning to be back with the rest of the flock - probably scared featherless of losing her position of alpha female!! Little did the poor hen know that soon there will be a large proud Rooster called Captain Morgan added to the flock! Poor Captain Morgan was picked on so much on his first day that I thought that this young boy is not going to make it amongst these brutal-beaked hormonal bunch if he doesn't stand up for himself soon!!! Well luckily that seems to have settled as he is now doing his Roosterly duty like there is no tomorrow!! He is a calm tame boy, who loves to eat straight out of a plastic bowl in my hand - I love this one on one time with him twice a day! He hasn't started crowing yet, but I am in no rush for that to happen! I am setting a few of their eggs in a home-made incubator on Sunday... Can't wait for fluffy little chicks!! (Hopefully...)

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