my little poor finger


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well my mom was mixing canddle waxes together and it inded up blowing up into a big fire so i took the candle container vase things out side buy the wind I guess blew on the flame wich made the fire jump on my hand and now i have 3d degree burns on my finger

ahh, and to top that off weather is getting bad again and just had to move the cars to our other field incase of trees falling.
Bless your heart! Cold aloe vera gel or a good old fashioned bowl of ice water is what I use. I used to go to sleep with a large mixing bowl of icewater on the floor near my bed when I burned my hand or fingers. I absolutely have no pain threshold for burns; not even sunburns! I used to burn myself often when learning to cook, and I would be so pitiful hurt I couldn't finish cooking. Always went to bed with the icewater until I discovered aloe vera which by the way is mentioned in the Bible as a medicinal plant somewhere....anyway, now they make aloe vera gel. I keep a large bottle in my refrigerator door for emergency burns. It's kind of yucky-sticky, but it works quite well! Hope you feel better soon and weather the storm. It snowed here today.
Cold water! Cold water! Cold water! A lot of people would say put butter on it, but don't! I never understood why anyone would say to do that. The butter only helps to cook the burn!
well we have sis the cold water, then aloe, then alittle liteacane, then im on this realllly strong pain killer waiting for it to take affect. ahhh the burn
~:eek: ouch! a g/f of mine got me to use chilled, wet teabags. The cold & wet feel great and the tannic acid does something to take out the pain. I needed the help-- I had splashed my wrist with hot grease & wiped at it in reflex, ending up with a VERY Bad 4"x 5" burn around my wrist!! Felt like blacking out every time I put my arm down, so we put it in a sling and held the tea bags on with saran wrap & a self-stick sport wrap. Probly went through a whole box or two of liptons the first week, after that the pain was gone. The burn turnd really brown from the tea awhile but now I cant euen pick out a scar!!
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Ouchywowah, you poor darling,
I have a spray that i use when i burn myself, though its at the cafe that my friend owns.
It has to be sprayed on the burn until the heat goes out of it.
Burns take ages to heal so just be careful of infection, and make sure your tetanus shots are up to date as you are in a susceptible environment to germies!
Pain kills pain so have a tetanus shot in the other arm so you wont feel your finger!!
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PM Re: my little poor finger Well thats not fun! Can you still TYPE ok?

I hope it doesn't hurt too bad, burns are always painful.


Lacyloo, I am soo sorry about your finger honey!! I saw my fuzzy headed pre-pubescent chicken avatar and thought I was really getting old and that I had forgotten I had already commented to you about this...then I realized it was Wildfrys!!!! OMG, cracked me totally up this morning!!! I've been hi-jacked, hahaha!!!!

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